Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research

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Why publish your article in the Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research?

JCSCR promotes an open access policy maximizing the visibility of articles published as it allows ubiquitous access by a vast audience throughout the world. In this journal, highly accessed articles will be underscored with a 'Highly Accessed' graphic that will appear on the journal's contents pages and in the search results.

JCSCR emphasizes the need for a rigorous peer review component for all manuscripts submitted. Despite this thorough review, JCSCR allows authors to quickly receive a decision regarding the status of their articles. Articles may only be submitted online, as the peer review is conducted electronically. Each submitted article is electronically distributed to the reviewers. Once approved, papers are directly published with their final citation in a sample PDF form. Subsequently, the article will be published in a searchable web form and as a formatted PDF. During this time the article will be available through JCSCR. In future articles will be available on PubMed and other public links.


Online publication in JCSCR gives authors the unique opportunity to publish large volumes of data and high resolution colored and animated images. Moreover, this journal can allow static and animated images to be utilized by other readers through software programs to manipulate the data themselves. This online option also easily develops links to other critical databases such as PubMed and to public sites.


Articles published in JCSCR are permitted to be released in the press, which increases the JCSCR popularity and aids in promoting the number of articles accessed through this journal.


Authors of articles published in JCSCR will maintain the copyright of their articles and are allowed to reproduce their work under CC-BY license.


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