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Manuscript Format


The journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research requires that all manuscripts be written in clear English and submitted in one column as word file, Rich text format (RTF) or Portable document format (PDF). The overall format of the submission should follow these guidelines:

  • Text should be double-spaced
  • 1-inch margins should be included on both sides
  • Text should be 11-point type in Times Roman font
  • All tables and figures must be placed under the relevant text and must be clearly labeled.

Title Page

The title page must include the following:

  • Full Title
  • Abbreviated title - should not be longer than 40 characters for page headings
  • Authors' names and institutions - At least one person must be listed as an author. A group may be added in the authorship line. Any group members not mentioned in the authorship line must be added in the Acknowledgments.
  • Corresponding author's address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.
  • Key words that pertain to the research.
  • Any grants or fellowships supporting the author.


The abstract should not exceed 300 words and should provide a brief overview of the research conducted, outline the purpose of the investigation, the methods utilized, the results observed, and the conclusions drawn.


The manuscript should include an introductory section that sets the background context of the investigation and presents the goals and significance of the outlined project.

Materials and Methods

This section should include adequate instructions to the extent that others could replicate the results.The source of any special cell lines, chemicals and reagents should be mentioned. Existing methods should be stated only elaborating on any alterations to those methods.


This section should effectively present the experimental data in the form of text, tables, and figures or a combination of those aforementioned. Additional details on tables and figures are included below.


This section should include an interpretation of the results and should underscore the significance of the findings. Moreover, the authors should maintain an objective tone throughout this section and cite references where appropriate.


This section should include the names of people who contributed to a study but do not qualify for authorship.

Conflict of Interest

Any conflict of interest such as financial interest should be stated. Also, a statement stating “None of the Authors has any conflict of interest “ must be included.


References to the literature should be cited in numerical order within parenthesis or brackets in the text and have its citation added at the end of the manuscript under the "references section". Each number should correspond to only one reference. Only published research can be cited. Such citations should be noted in the corresponding text, in parentheses, or should be displayed in the footnotes. Examples of references are shown below.

Research Paper

Ratajczak MZ, Shin DM, Kucia M. Very small embryonic/epiblast-like stem cells: A missing link to support the germ line hypothesis of cancer development? Am J Pathol 2009, 174:1985–92.


Kakar SS, Gupta R, Fong M, (2012) Combination strategies for management of ovarian cancer using doxorubicin and withferin A. American Association for cancer Research ( AACR), 98th annual meeting, San Diego, CA 2012. Abstract 2765.

Book Chapter

Honoki K, Fujii H, Tsujiuchi T. Cancer Stem Cell Niche: The role of mesenchymal stem cells in tumor microenvironment. In Cancer Stem Cells -, The Cutting Edge, Ed. Prof. Shostak S. Chapter 10: 2011, 189–206.


Tables should be designed in the most effective manner possible to allow inference of data with minimal textual input. Each table should be preceded by an informative heading and followed by a brief summary of the experiment and variables.

Supplemental Data

Supplemental Data may be submitted in the form of figures, tables, charts, pictures or videos. Authors should include a reference to the Supplemental Data in the manuscript at the corresponding point in the text or figure/table legend. The file formats listed below may be used for Supplemental Data. Authors are advised to use the table formatting option in word processing programs to eliminate formatting deviations during the review and publishing process. If authors would like to add web pages they need to submit a comprehensive list of instructions for accessing those websites.

Figures and Legends

All figures must be accompanied by a figure number.

Sizing the figure: The author must provide a digital image that has been appropriately sized, cropped, and includes spaces between subsequent images. The minimum resolution should be at least 300 dpi. Authors should develop their own image that will appear in the online journal. The images should use clear font and size. Lines should be thick and solid. Wording should be placed in locations where it can be clearly read. Titles should be clear and informative. Keep wording on figures to a minimum, and incorporate any explanation of figures to their separate page legends. Labels should only be placed vertical and horizontal sides of a figure. JCSCR does not permit free hand lettering or drawing in any diagrams or figures.

Color: Figures should be submitted as RGB (red, green, blue) format.

Shading: Use of shading is discouraged. In cases where shading is imperative, it is recommended to use a coarse rather than a fine screen setting.

Graphs: Graphs with axis should include standard measures and be easily readable.

Figures: Figures should be submitted in HTML, JPEG, TIFF, MS Excel Spreadsheet or PDF Adobe Portable Document Format.


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