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Animal Research

All research involving vertebrates or any other regulated invertebrates must receive approval by the authors' Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or by the corresponding ethics committee(s). Before beginning of research, approval must have been received. Proof of approval and animal welfare consideration must be included with the submission. The Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research maintains the right to reject research that does not meet the Journal's standards of ethical work regarding Animal Care. Where unregulated animals are used or ethics approval is not required by a specific committee, authors should highlight this fact and proceed to provide an explanation why ethical approval was not required. All exemptions from the relevant rules should be included in the submission. We strongly urge authors to adhere to the ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of in Vivo Experiments) guidelines as a reference for all submissions relying on animal research. Manuscripts involving research on non-human primates must contain details about animal welfare, including information about housing, feeding, environmental enrichment and steps taken to minimize suffering (use of anesthesia and method of sacrifice if appropriate). These accounts must be line with the recommendations of the Weatherall report, The use of non-human primates in research.


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